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Yamaha Rydeen 5pc Complete w/Stands & Cymbals Mellow Yellow

$ 799.99
List Price $1330.00 includes: 16x20 Bass Drum. 7x10 & 8x12 Mopunted Toms w/(2) CL940LB Tom Mounts. 13x14 Floor om w/Legs, and matching 5.5x14 Snare Drum. EAN4957812612326 ModelZW33050 Hardware includes Stands include Hdw Pack (HW680W EAN4957812490238 UPC 086792952413 Model WW67990) (2) CS655a Boom Stands. (1) HS650 Hi Hat Stand. {1} SS650A Snare Stand. (1) FP7210A SIngle Pedal. The Wuhan 457 Rock Series cymbal pack comes with: 20" Ride Cymbal, 16" Crash Cymbal,14" Hi Hat (pr). Designed for beginners but the construction quality is still what you would expect from such a beloved brand. The drums are made from perfectly round 6-ply poplar wood and all-metal parts like ball clamp tom holders that allow for a huge range of tom positioning. 1.5mm steel triple-flanged hoops that are very easy to tune. This kit comes with drum sizes that are versatile and can be tuned for a lot of genres and different kinds of music. This pack comes with stands and hardware, not to mention a complete set of cymbals, which means that you can start drumming sooner with less hassle!

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